So, the beginning of a 3 year venture into the depths of academia and knowledge, an attempt to educate myself in the discipline of digital animation and familiarise myself with its numerous techniques and skills.

I made my first hand drawn animation today, all 12 frames of it :) Both thrilling and humbling. More to come on this as my profiency in this area (hopefully) progresses. The animation consisted of a circle; the task being to morph it to a new object. Two eyelids appear around the top and bottom of the eye and close together, as the open again a pupil and iris are revealed. The actually motion appeared to work fine when I ran it through the line tester but some of the frames themselves were a little too roughly done...even for a draft. Maybe. I'm not sure yet where standards and lines will be drawn but just from glancing at others work I seem to be surounded by some very talented artists.

Just a little daunting.