So a lot of people have been posting previous work and demonstrating the different stages everyone has got to, so I thought I'd do the same and throw mine into the mix.

A campaign for alcohol awareness targetted at teenagers which i made for a media applied assignment. Perhaps the most polished of the lot:

A Intro sequence for a hypothetical science & technology program aimed at middle aged men (hence the balding and eyesight themes ). This was the most fun and my first work using both animation and live action. Involved use of a projected blue light as a blue screen, this does NOT work very well for future reference:

A very short clip I made for a friend's recycling project (with far too much motion blur [i was obsessed]) involving a plastic bag and a newspaper beating the sh*t out of each other:

Finally my epic project which was too long to fit onto youtube in one clip. This is not an animation at all but does make use of some compositing, effects and film techniques. It deals with some pretty abstract themes in pretty abstract ways so may require several viewings but I am hugely proud of the result: