So here is my first hand drawn animation ever! It makes me want to attempt something in 24fps as, while this works, it would nice to see my animations reach that extra degree of fluidity which the additional frames would help improve. It'll be good to move away from pencil too as a strong black ink line I find far more aesthetically appealing.

I was looking at the line up for the bradford and it sounds really exciting. I saw Up in july in spain and again yesterday but in 3D so I already know what a masterful piece of story telling and animation that is. The first 20 mins alone are the most devastatingly emotional in any piece of cinema ive ever witnessed. Coraline
 is another thing I'm looking forward to as I'm a Neil Gaimen fan...well I read one his books and enjoyed it. Then there are all the speakers from the games industry. It'll be fascinating to see what they have to say. Especially the people developing for the PS3 and the guy from Bizarre Creations who worked on Motorstorm.