This man's vision of what games can be is exactly what I want to see realised, and create myself. Inspiring. For people who need the rules of the FPS, or the reward of collectibles, grow up! The videogame's own name has become redundant due to what it has the potential to be, their not "just games" anymore. They are carefully designed virtual experiences. Just look at the controversy over Modern Warfare 2:

People claiming that because "its just a game", its fine for the player to engage in the slaughter of innocents, for them it is no more than a murder simulator. They dont see the context (along with all the politicians and psychologists) that changes the players perspective on the whole scenario. I admire the ambition of what Infinity Ward is trying to achieve; but I think that their attempt to expose the horror of killing the powerless will go straight over most gamer's heads which is a crying shame.

Heavy Rain is a rare thing, a poineer in the battle for games as art. I will be preordering my copy now ;)