I'm now home for the christmas holidays. Final submissions done, Animate+ uploaded, and the marks are in.
And I am pleased. I thought the marks were fair and I earned what I got. I wish the animate+ plus project had been a little more developed at this point, the teaser I uploaded is missing frames, cuts off the end, doesn't really give anyone much of an idea of what's coming (which I suppose is the point of a teaser). Also, only after effects CS4 can render it because of RAM constraints, utterly retarded and frustrating. I spent a lot of thursday evening in the studio dividing up my 30 seconds of animation between 5 computers (6 seconds each) and making sure I knew where all the frames were going and that the PCs weren't logging themselves off. I was lead out by security at 9pm with a couple of hundred frames missing, shame. It does look beasty (yet shiny) in it's full 1080p glory though, a bastard to compress for the 64mb upload limit.

I can't wait to start projects after christmas.