We've been set a very cool background project which means (yay) I get to use my graphics tablet properly!
So the brief is make backgrounds for animation. Two exterior, one interior. One using a limited colour palette, one using a single light souce, and one done using just pencil. I have already complete the first two which i greatly enjoyed. Though I laboured far too much over then first thinking I needed a layer for line, tone, and colour. Turns out its infinitely quicker to just jump right in and start applying digital paint to the digital canvas, as one of the virtues of this most flexible of mediums is the ability to correct, alter and perfect the marks you make.

Here is the first I did, Complementary colour, exterior: (click the picture to enlarge to glorious widescreen)

The next is using a singular light source, in this case the moon, and an interior scene:

So this just leaves the pencil background which I may enjoy a little less enjoyable but we shall see.
As soon as this is done I shall be attempting to start our monster of an essay we've been set.
God Speed. hopefully...