I have now finished my third and final background which was actually the one for the first brief. The pencil drawn exterior. I'm quite pleased with the visual style as it pleasantly reminds me of Dr Suess. It was also nice to do a more stylised environment after attempting to correctly portray the amitious persepective of the Island background and the painterly lighting of the Jail Cell background.

please click to enlarge:
Having completed the backgroud project I have turned my attention to "Who Creates Meaning In Animation?", the essay question I chose to write about. I feel I may have found it easier to write about realism in CGI but I thought this question was more interesting. Though I love writing, especially about this kind of thing I often find it hard to generate large amounts of writing when I'm restricted in the things I can explore, so in order to reach the desired word count I had to wander a little and include analysis of three separate films, one of which is the Blue Sky Studio's adaption of Dr Suess' "Horton Hears A Who". So with all this Suessian study I'm have gleaned new meaning from his works, and am now a true disciple, maybe I should form a cult decidicated to his worship or something. I hope the level of analysis is in depth enough, though I worry its not. Though the themes are interesting and there is plenty of theory there. We shall see.

Bioshock 2 comes out this tuesday :) Its like a reward for what has been the most work intensive week of this course so far.