On Georg's recommendation I have attempted a tutorial that instructed me on how to model a coke bottle. Though a bit beyond my skill level I managed tpo bypass a few stages (like UV unwrapping) which are totally beyond me at this point and it doesnt help I don't even know what UV unwrapping is other than that its something to do with flattening for textures. Even with this cut down process it still took several hours to get it looking as it does now. I have learnt a number of interesting things though and it has made me curious to try something more creative.

I've ended up with a bottle that looks pretty sic but is missing the coca cola logo displacement map and a couple of bits and pieces but has some lovely refractions to make up for it. The geometry was a total bastard in places, I could not get the bottom and middle sections to merge nicely. The "edge flow", I believe is the correct terminology, wouldn't fit. And deleting obselete edges after creating the right ones seemed to make smooth mesh preview screw up so I left it a little messy in places. Also selecting the correct components can be a pain, especially when you're deleting unwanted vertices and you accidentally remove something on the hidden side of your model. I suppose backface culling could potentially fix this but I remembered the feature existed too late. The bottle in the background is the orignal polygon geometry with smooth mesh preview off and no fancy shaders. I put it there for interesting refractions, comparison, and to remind everyone how i love rendering.

Here are the final renders from a number of angles, as always, click to enlarge: