We pitched our ident ideas for the Virgin online music channel for unsigned bands, Red Room.
Mine was very basic and I talked to a couple of people about it as more of a joke and came to conclusion of "why not?". A man wearing heaphones with a waveform emerging from his ears as he listens to classical music, as the music reaches a crescendo and becomes something more contemporary the waveform becomes lightning and his head proceeds to explode, his mind having been literally "blown"!

Pretty simplistic but I liked it. No longer though. The model I made in Maya looks fairly horrible, though I did have some fun with the fur tool making him a tasty beard which I will render out at some point as proof I wasn't idle for weeks.

I had a second idea which was more subtle and based on the theme of underground music the sense of discovery you get when you hear a new band and go on to champion them for a love of their sound.
This involved a cityscape in silhouette where a number of tunnels appeared and mazed their way underground to a red room in which was housed this coveted unfound music.
This idea is nopw well underway and the skyline has  become FAR more elaborate with the particle plug in "particular" fueling several industrial smoke plumes and a flock of birds set against a golden sunset. One of the city's many manholes pops open to reveal the first tunnel then revealing numerous others and the camera sinks down into the city's depths to reveal the red room. I have modelled a retro cassette in Maya for some nice 3D at the end where the cassette will slin past the camera and fit into the red room triggering some music to play.
The two coils for the tape will form the OO in rOOM for a cool red room logo that shall resemble something like this:

More on this when its done i think as deadlines loom and i can always come back in the holidays and blog all about it! I cant wait, im quite proud of what I've done so far.