Me, Dan and Hugh have teamed up to work on the "What" brief. I found the formation brief quite appealing mostly due to the imagery but only one group wanted to work on it and they were intending to use flash mostly. I want to use this group project to further my 3D skills and try something really ambitious which I think is what we're doing. Full CG character animation? I have no idea whether we'll be able to pull this off or not but I know we'll learn a hell of a lot trying because I've never covered half of the necessary processes. Exciting stuff.
Here's a teaser for now that should give some indication of the style we're going for:

Also something that I had a brief obsession with earlier this year, Brinks trailer created by the masterful Blur studios. I cant get over how good things thing looks, I'm in love with the visual style and when you see the way everything moves its just gorgeous, weighty goodness.