Me having some trouble with the rig.
Me getting it right and texturing a tasty wound.

Me celebrating PC Plod's completion

"The Forty Minute Render of Dreams" in which Olly grasps desperately at photorealism with his array of Mental Ray lights, 1080p's of definition and a gamut of production grade preferences. credit to Hugh for the original model. PLEASE click to enlarge:

Me mastering z depth and the art of depth of field. (among other post processing and render techniques: Ambient Occlusion, Grain, Glow [Bloom], Colour Balance.)

My blog posts have become increasingly dominated by pictorial documentation, one way to look at this is I've just written thousands of words according to the old proverb. Another perspective might be that production has ramped up to the point where evidence is more efficient than descriptive prose, or there's no space in my head for much analytical thought on the images we're creating. The work is just inches from my nose and its hard to see the bigger picture. Me, Dan & Hugh have become a f*cking kickass team though, we charge on every day, animating weaponry raised, battle cries ringing in our ears. Or this is how it feels in my delusional state... I don't mind too much what the end result looks like, the journey has been ridiculously educational, and fun, and useful. Ok I lied about the first part, I care deeply how this whole thing turns out, I would so love for it to be the noirish 2 minute epic that plays out in my head, we've even got our own composer working on a score for god's sake, we can nail this. maybe. Thats a huge maybe. I won't say its not possible til the last second though. Well, better sign off, its 3am, its been too long since I worked til this time. My favourite time ;)
Just me and Jethro Tull wrestling the Maya beast. Night.

First shot in the can.