This group project has completely consumed my time. I have done a few sketches for the sketchbook project and some preliminary designs for the animal firm design bible. But other than that its been all WHAT! And I'm loving it. I nearly lost the policeman to a corrupt maya file, or possible photoshop texture but I managed to restore him to his former self (thank god) and save losing hours of work. He has now gone through the entire design, modelling, shading, texturing process. I'm stupidly proud of what I've ended up with and cant wait to have Dan rig him and see him situated in Hugh's environment. I've learnt a ton along the way, so much so that UVing no longer scares me, I feel slightly more comfortable using maya's nodes in the hypergraph editor and texturing is a fun process of scanning interesting materials and imortalising them digitally (my clothes, a flatmates belt, a tea bag, ink splatters, asda plastic bag.) Ive also been hard at work texturing Dan's forensic model and that now too is finished. While displacement maps still elude me as they insist on displacing everything in ridiculous amounts, the bump map is my very good friend and will serve as a worthy substitute, also hopefully saving on render time.

Click to enlarge:

Here are the texture maps i made, most of them are diffuse but a couple show how i controlled the bump and specular values.

Also blu ray copy of Mary & Max arrived all the way from Australia! After two weeks in the post and volcanic dust delays its here and its exciting :) Bonus features and all!