Less than 3 weeks til deadline.


I finished modelling the victim character and, due to Dan's distressing situation with the forensic rig I volunteered to rig this guy. So more hurried learning, the best kind! and viola, I had made a model, skeleton, and weight paints in a week. Though that doesn't change the fact that we're so short on time, hooray for ambition...

Here is a render with some post processing tests we might do for a more noirish effect, e.g film grain, desaturation and glow:

Though there is little temporal space for much besides the all consuming WHAT, I have mananged to design three animal firm characters. I intend to colour all these nicely in Photoshop and type up the character bio's.
Click to enlarge.

Firstly there is Piglet.

And Bakon the Baker

And Undertaker Shelby (the Sheep)
Thats all for now. Everybody go out and see Iron Man 2.