The 11 second club is an online competition where 11 seconds of dialogue or sometimes just a sound clip is uploaded to the website each month, people entering the competition then take this dialogue and animate to the best of their ability. Marks are given based solely on the quality of the animation.

So as one of our first assignments we will be entering! In order to hone our skills a bit first we were set a heavy weight lifting animation, to help us get back on form and re-establish the animation principles in our minds: timing, anticipation, overlap, squash and stretch, etc.

The video embedded above is my own attempt using the Dee rig. I filmed some reference using the only means to hand (cameraphone, guitar amp) to get accurate poses and timing:

I've also been hard at work on a model of my own face which I'm trying to get as photorealistic as possible. It was looking good until I tried to texture the hair on, now I look all kinds of special. I'm really enjoying mudbox, its pretty accessible once you get used to it, and to think my crafts teacher said "Olly finds it hard to make friends with the clay" or something. Who needs clay with mudbox? More on this soon.

Here is your Interesting Article for the week. A piece on "agency" in games written by Clint Hocking himself.