"How extended?"

"Oh, two whole brand new scenes!"

"No really, how much more is there?"

"(sigh) About 35 seconds."

We always planned to enter this short into animation festivals and competitions but not in the sorry state it was, so we all pledged that over summer we'd knuckle down and continue to work on it. But we didn't. I managed to animate and render one new shot, and there was one which we'd rendered before but not in time for the original deadline. With these new additions the runtime doesn't look quite so feeble; but as one of the new shots introduces the Detective character, the plot makes even less sense than it did before.

Enjoy. Spread the word. Don't expect to see it win anything. And please, watch it full screen and HD.

  • Dan Emmerson: Director, Animator, Character Modeller, Rigger.
  • Hugh Herbert: Producer, Animator, Environmental Modeller.
  • Olly Skillman-Wilson: Character Modeller, Rigger, Animator, Texture Artist, Lighting Director, Rendering Technician.