As we near the deadline for this terms major projects I've been working to get my experimental piece done in time now that my 11 second club entry is taken care of (though worryingly it won't upload to the site). Before yesterday I only had 15 seconds of pixelation and some hand drawn stuff to go on top, by some miracle it has now fully formed into something I'm really pleased with.

Spontaneity 1 : 0 Organisation

Yesterday I took my camera out, to the nearby stream, with the intention of shooting some splashes of water to sync with the piano chords of my music clip of choice: the crazy jazzy blues one. I had fun running around in the undergrowth get muddy, soggy, and throwing rocks in the water, doesn't get much further from a sitting in front of a computer than that. It was really sunny and the light shone through the branches in a particularly cinematic way, at this point in winter the sun doesn't rise higher than about half way up the sky so there its like extended evening light. But it wasn't long before it clouded over, but I carried on, finding some crimson berries to animate to the tinkling of piano scales.

This done I returned home, stopping for a pasty and a plastic bag to shelter my camera from the rain. As I returned- berries in pocket, I realised I'd spent the majority of this project in front of a screen, instead of having adventures like that morning, so why not comment in this in the animation itself. When I got home I continued to animate, and crafted a metaphor for the dialogue between man and machine that occurs in digital animation, to remind me which comes first, the man, or the machine.