Our month of the 11 second club has begun. I have been pondering various ideas for different scenarios that could explain the dialogue in this month's sound bite, the one I've settled on isn't especially original and I'm sure there'll be numerous other entries like it but it ticked a number of boxes including explaining the crackle of flames in the background, it allowed for the conflict between the two characters, and it allowed my to give the character's props that would give their hands something do whilst the scene plays out. This first reference video is before I had decided to add props so theres a lot of flailing which, while comic, isn't very expressive.

This next one involves one character holding a shovel and standing next to the freshly dug hole, while the other is holding a flaming torch to see by in the dead of night, dramatic I know. For some reason the sync is off a bit on the sound in the this one but don't let that tarnish your enjoyment of the fantastic, and nuanced acting exhibited here:

At this point I'm resisting watching the original clip for fear of it manipulating my view of the scene and limiting my clearly immensely creative idea. I just know if I watch it I'll end up subconsciously working it into my animation, maybe when this month is done I'll watch it in its entirety.