I've been writing an FMX diary type thing throughout the week we spent in Stuttgart, and the plan is to post each days writing in real time, just a week too late. I've tried (and failed) to keep them short so its going to follow a format of: "this event happened, here are my thoughts on it", nothing too in depth.

Also there will be photographs! Nothing particularly relevant to the conference itself, but a flavour of Stuttgart and my time there. Something to lure you all through all those pesky words.

Pretty clouds as word bait

Pixel Propaganda

Over the Easter holidays I fell in love with a game called Far Cry 2 which I initially hated, a game that perhaps epitomises the phrase 'slow burn' a little too well. Here's a critique of the game that lays out the reasons for my initial scepticism very well. But its actually the debate that formed in the comments section that is the most interesting: where advocates and cynics trade opinions and criticism as to the value and themes of the game.

I couldn't believe this wasn't composited live action on stop motion when I first saw it but it is in fact very pretty CG animation. Worth a look.

A deeply personal look at why games embed themselves in our lives and how they mean different things to different people in different ways.