Lots to tell, lots to share.

New Life
Kernel. That film we were making. We finished it! We finished it in time, in style, and in a way that makes me very proud. It is an enormous achievement and I hope the final film reflects that, though I fear anyone outside of animation may not quite grasp the scale of the undertaking.

Unfortunately it won't be available online in the near future as we want to enter it to festivals, and festivals like exclusivity sometimes, so if its publicly available they get upset.
I can however send anyone who wants to see it a private link, so just send me an email or something.
Death Beckons
It wouldn't have felt right if it wasn't all right up to the wire, and so I was still compositing all through the night til 7am, and then again at 2pm, and then it was just a question of staying awake while the 8 DVDs worth of frames burnt. We even had an emergency render of a missing 8 frame stretch which Nigel had to plug. This wouldn't have been possible had we not discovered what was slowing down everyone's computers except mine, turns out, it was the hotfix. You can update Maya (and assume Mental Ray too) but downloading and installing hotfixes from the autodesk website, for both Nigel and Ryan this shortened their renders by 26 minutes per frame. Extraordinary. So, everyone go install the hotfixes right now, just in case.
Title Shot
A special thanks to Gabriel Nathan who recorded and mixed all the foley and sound effects for us, he not only did a great job at helping us tell the story and bring the world to a new level of believability, but also was in the studio with us right up til the last, syncing up the final bits and pieces.
The best a beards ever looked
More renders...
Rallying the plants.
We had a single celebratory drink in the stannery and then crashed. Thanks to everyone involved, really, you were amazing. Leonard is just relaxing now until the sequel, maybe it'll have backstory this time?
King Kernel
Also, for the press pack we recorded some bios and interview materials with the team, here it is edited down. Funny and informative ;)

Since then its been a little less full on but not a lot, if you are reading this via email or a feed reader you should go to The Pixel Crush proper and check out the fancy redesign, there's even a faux home page. Also I made business cards, and a showreel for the professional practice module:

The other part of the professional practice module was to research and write a presentation about a potential role in industry. I of course tried to find out more about the job of the lighting artist and started this thread in the hope that it'd get some answers. Amazingly it seems there are just professionals hovering around this site waiting to help out and converse with anyone, so I got some great answers from some fairly prestigious people.

The other project that needed doing was "innovations", which I'm going to save for another post, and maybe do something special involving some other people's innovations project.

Pixel Propaganda

Doublefine pulled off some amazing crowd funding showing that people will support games that they would love to see even before they've been made.

Some cool and hilariously detailed technology for creating the weave of a jersey out of geometry.

This was a film I saw at two separate animation events and it continues to be one of my favourite films of all time, I want everyone to see it its very beautiful and has a fascinating way of presenting life and its perception.

Some great lighting stuff on the HDR bubbles in speed racer, hard to summarise but from a shading and rendering stand point very worthwhile.

Far Cry 3 is a game that has looked progressively less interesting until now! An interview with one of the writers has some genuinely interesting things to say about the game which may just save some of the more questionable elements shown, though if they're just narrative justification for stupid gameplay I will not be happy.

Neil Gaimen had a great deal of quality advice to give to some new graduates, I wonder if we'll have someone fancy at ours? hahahahaha...