On the way back from this weekends bout, on the Kernow Rollers minibus, I felt there was an injustice, and I'm here to right it. Nathan Gutteridge is a man who deserves a mention, not because by my mentioning he benefits, just because his general excellence is due some recognition, he's king of the maths after all. "You've just got to add one, or take one away." I believe was the wisdom he once imparted. Nathan scripts, Nathan solves problems, Nathan hones his creature sculpting skills IN HIS SPARE TIME, Nathan makes sweet rigs. Nathan runs a tattoo parlour, Nathan is the chairman of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nathan is a hit with the ladies, probably the men too (he knows no limits) Nathan can scale a vertical wall unaided. Nathan's from Devon, who would have thought. So if you want to compete, your CV will need to rival that of Winston Churchill or Da Vinci. Also Nathan is just a great name that puts him in the company of Mr Fillion, Mr Drake, and Mr Hale.