I refuse to believe that this blog is dead, much in the same way prog will live forever in the back alleys and portcullis' of niche rock.

Time for an anecdote:

I was walking home from the studio whilst listening to the five live film podcast, something I have grown dependent on for forming 80% of my film based opinions, and during the review of Now You See Me reviewer Mark Kermode referred to Nolan masterpiece The Prestige, because both films address the subject of magic and perception or illusion.
So as he proceeded to break down the the strengths and weaknesses of both films I realised what exactly it is I love about a Nolan film.

  1. In all the Nolan films I've seen (which is everything bar Insomnia and his first film The Following) there is a central idea that is explored through the character's experiences of said concept. So in Memento memory is pivotal to not only the plot but also the structure of the film as we experience it in narrative sections as the protagonist does- due to his long term memory problems. So memory is explored in a relatable way as our protagonist and audience grapple with the same ideas.
  2. This is done alongside a dramatically compelling story about interpersonal relationships. Because generally speaking if a film isn't about people at some level it not going to be of interest to people. We're very egocentric like that.
  3. The genius thing about point one is that this idea or concept that the film is exploring has something interesting to say about film itself as a medium, and how we experience or create it. Memento- perception of the past and sequencing in time, the editing process of film bows to the majesty of this critique on chronological storytelling. Inception- layers of narrative all existing within and interacting with each other. This time Nolan uses the main character's own subconscious' to populate the mis-en-scene and locations of the film, decorating the image with symbolism appropriate to the emotional content by design. Its the cliche of the protagonist's inner turmoils represented physically that every action film strives to embody, here taken to its final conclusion.
These are the things I value most in media. I ask that it informs me about the medium in which it is communicating, to lend it an air of honesty and self awareness. And I ask that it tell me a story that makes me feel something affecting, because that lends it weight and worth. This wouldn't be a Pixel Crush post if I didn't somehow tenuously tie this back to games at the end. 

"Videogames, be more like this."
"No, you refuse? I see. I shall have to take it upon myself to make true the aspirations of this manifesto, the more fancy words the better."

See I'm already halfway there, self awareness about the level of verbosity with which I communicate, now I just need to grow out of it in order to actually sound like a person.

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