When you're stuck, making anything at all is a victory.
Sometimes you need a new tool.
 It doesn't have to be a sunset, a grey day will do,
 You just need some friends
To inspire you.

And then you can make again.

I'm slowly starting to create things again, me and Jenny made this time lapse together. It took me a long time to finally accept that not every idea I have has to be the most important thing ever conceived to be worth pursuing. How obvious is that? I made a (self indulgent) investment in my creativity and bought a beautiful journal to scribble and write things in, it came highly recommended from the Cartoleria behind the Pantheon in Rome, so it clearly has mystical qualities. All these things are small steps toward rehabilitating myself, I feel better already.
First Person Journal Action: Immersive
P.S After Effects has a raw editor for RAW sequences!? Very, very cool. Lovely to work with but slow to load images, unsurprisingly.