I cut together a new showreel from the work I have completed over the last year, it can be seen here:

I wasn't able to include everything I would have liked but hopefully this gives a fair impression of how I've developed. It was especially cool to be able to show a piece of Darkside, and the Chevron commercials.

But not everything is shiny enough to fit into a two minute reel, so I've made the breathtakingly arrogant assumption that people want to see all the work-in-progress bits. So here are some of them, presented in the fashion that one might present the bed with a pile of washing.

Chevron Bird

This is the process of building one of the main cars used in the commercial that I didn't light.

In preparation for lighting I had fun tweaking the shaders and making them look as much like fruit as possible.

And a disco ball, as a parting gift.

Time from a break from all this money and success...