Kernel is the CG animated short I wrote and directed during the final year of my Digital Animation degree at University College Falmouth. I worked with a fantastic team of a dozen others to produce this 4:30 minute piece of which we are extremely proud.



Watch it here in HD, fullscreen, with some nice headphones:

Core Team
Team Kernel

Olly Skillman-Wilson: Director, Writer, Lighting Artist
Laurence Nairne: Creative Producer, Script Editor, Animator
Charlie Minnion: Lead Compositor, Editor, Storyboard Artist
Hugh Herbert: Writer, Animator
Dan Emmerson: Animation Director
Luke Jefferson: Rigging, Texturing, Technical Director
Kai Fraser: Dynamics, Stereography
Liam Fraser: Dynamics, Stereography
Jake Jones: Modelling, Texturing, Compositing
Ryan Mace: Modelling, Texturing, Compositing
Nigel Kitts: Lead Texture Artist, Animator
Alan Matthewman: Fluid Dynamics, Cloth Simulation

Here is a short moment with some members of the team, speaking about their roles and experiences on the project.

Post Mortem

Here I've included the post mortem I wrote on the project which is a mixture of blog posts detailing the work, and evaluations of the work itself and the process of producing it. It has been censored in places to avoid controversy.