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11 Seconds of Forever III

All animation for the 11 second club is now done except for the lip sync on the second character so here is one final work in progress before the final submission. Lip syncing has turned out to be surprisingly quick, mostly because I haven't done it to a particularly high standard. Considering the handicam style cinematography you just can't see his face that clearly and any flaws that appear in a close up just aren't noticeable, at least not in a high resolution playblast. This is both welcome, and a shame, I may have to experiment with different camera techniques to best frame the scene. The second character is more aligned with the camera so hopefully I'll be able to get some really expressive dialogue from him. Youtube willing I'll have the clip up here, but right now its refusing to upload anything so for now here are some shiny renders:

And the obligatory motion blur, you love it ;)

Meanwhile the gaming critique blogosphere continues to churn out prose on yesterdays, today's, and tomorrows games. Here is a place to find the best of it, including a particularly interesting article which talks about something I've always thought about in relation to war games, and a presentation on social gaming, realism, and gamification which devolves into a crazed rant. Fascinating all the same, I wouldn't put this stuff up if it wasn't important (to me at least) or thoughtful so please give them a read/watch.